Saturday, January 1, 2011

Review 2010~

SUKMA 1st medal for Penang Table Tennis
SUKMA-v our beloved coach
USM PPB Faci for DSG-my class
AUG-meet thailand team
AUG-our coach(en. sulaiman)
Many unexpected things happened on me this year,especially my lovely sport table tennis that gv me a lot of sweet memories~

June 2010
I join SUKMA this year..this is my last chance to join alr..this is is the 1st year that SUKMA upgrade the players age to 23..last SUKMA i din join bcos i spend my time for working to earn money for my university usage,that time i gt a lit bit regret because dun wan join SUKMA that time. This time my coach (coach Phua) advice me 2 take part, finally i also make the right decision.. Unexpected, my last year SUKMA can gv me such a gd memories, we break the record..That's Penang Woman Table Tennis team gt a bronze medal in SUKMA.. this is my first ever medal in SUKMA, after i joined SUKMA for the 4th time..this medal is really meaningful for me..thx to my teammates for contribute this medal for Penang..this is nt an easy job..but i wanted 2 say congratz to you all and you all done a gd job..

happy moments..

July-Dec 2010
Unexpected that i been chosen to represent Malaysia in 15th ASEAN UNI GAMES in Chiangmai, Thailand..this is my dream that i cant believe is real..but it is not to get it..need to worried a lot of things before i could join AUG.. frm July-Dec it happened many impermanent that i gt and i didnt gt to go..i tot i lost the chance d but i gt the chance back on Nov..luckily at last all run smoothly..appreciate this precious chance~(从有--没有--有,得来不易)

1st time gt chance to join such a huge game..go oversea..Chiangmai is really a nice city..i like the place so much esp the weather and foods esp TOMYUM there ..all ASEAN join this..i gt to knw a lot of frens frm different country..this 10 days happened quite a lot of things..of cause mix with sad, happy, confuse together..wat's happened is juz the minor problem..but overall i'm happy to be there..although we lost but we alr try our best...Most of them are national we hardly win, but we consider play very well d..the happy moments there over very soon..i really hope can go there agian..

Another unexpected things happened on me was i become Faci of PPB~
Till now i still cant believe myself is Faci of PPB, i no good on Buddhist knowledge,
but thanks to PPB and mentors that gv me such a good chance 2 learn..thanks to my partner and others Facis and senior that help me a lot.. every time hav activities i also stressed and scare cant handle but luckily all task completed..
But i now still have another sem 2 go, i feel stressed again as my holidays busy v table tennis..i hope i can handle it..but i wil try my very best to do...

Now a new year is came, hope this year also wil full of hope and everythings run smoothly..
Now i alr final sem in USM d, so i must cherish every moments.. and i wil work hard for everything i want 2 do...esp my academic, i must put on more effort on it d..cos i dun wan 2 regret after i graduate..
after few months i will graduate d..Need 2 find a proper job after this..hope can gt what i want~i knw i can do it well!!!Jia you~jia you and all the best 2 my frens too~Happy new year 2011!!!

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