Wednesday, April 14, 2010

H1N1 vaccine

The government is now giving free h1n1 vaccine at government clinic..check the location here..
Yesterday hwei chen sms tell me..then i went to take the H1N1 vaccine d..thx for her infomation...
But after i took the vaccine i heard some frens said bout the side effect..then i online check..
gt some info there..i saw sin ying's fb status wrote This one from NST -->Asked whether there have been adverse side effects in Malaysians who have been vaccinated, Liow said: "We have vaccinated some 80,000 peopleand almost all did not complain. There were some mild adverse reactionsbut nothing serious." It's safe i guess.
after c that news nt so worried d...n gt other info bout the vaccine H1N1..
refer this

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