Friday, November 27, 2009

English Dhamma Camp 2009-SUKPEN

English Dhamma Camp?? Never think before to take part. Before that i think that it will be difficult for me 2 understand because my english not so good... But after quite many Kalyana Mitras encourage me 2 go, formerly they ask me to join as faci, but after that because my condition not allow, because i think that i dont have preparation to face it and I also need 2 attend table tennis practising every morning, so finally I choose 2 join as a member. I had no regret to join this camp, because I can really learn something. Although I missed Dhamma Talk every morning because I attend my practise. After I gt back 2 EDC again, my group facis n members always willing 2 share with me, I felt gratitude towards them, thanks to them. And in this camp also can feel that everyone care to each others. In the game we also enjoy, what we can learn are we must co-operate, believe in ourselves n also our group member in order to complete the game. Thanks to AJKs n Facis prepare this EDC, I appreciate this precious time. When i writting this blog, they are still in the camp, i take leave frm there earlier because tomorrow morning i still gt competition(SUKPEN). Good luck to me n try my best, I must believe in myself also, coaches n friends alway tell me that i dont have confidence, so I must believe in myself, hope I can do IT!